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Posted by / 22-Feb-2016 17:10

Maybe the conversations you’re having leave you with niggling doubts.This is all the normal start of a relationship, right? For my $.02, I say there are some Impending Signs of Doom that are hard to ignore.

We asked relationship experts for advice on how to navigate relationships you know aren’t meant to last.

“I believe it is fine for college women to date someone they know they don't want to be with long term as long as that is made clear from the beginning,” says Kim Olver, a relationship counselor.

“Dating someone ‘in the meantime’ is unfair to that person if they think this could be a happily-ever-after relationship.

I caught myself doing it a second time, and then a third (did I mention he was very handsome?

) and finally realized we were just totally different animals when it came to decisions. It just meant that I had a strong feeling those decisions were different ones than I would have made.

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I thought this might be a fun topic for today, in part because I was just reminded of (and thankful for!