Wheeler centre literary speed dating

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Wheeler centre literary speed dating

“It’s a bonus if they like Harry Potter.”Name: Stefanie Read Age: 31Job: Library technician The book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. Rowling Why she chose it: It was the only book she had lying around that “wasn’t too girly.” The night: “I found a lot of the guys were like, ‘Oh, a kid’s book.’ But I’m like, whatever, I don’t care.”Name: Matt Blackshaw Age: 23Job: Employee at a nonprofit organization The book: Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere by Charlie Todd and Alex Scordelis Why he chose it: The book is about people who try to bring joy to the streets of New York.

“I consider myself to be a person who would like more fun,” he said.

“Harry Potter’s about love and friendship and bravery.

I am of course both excited, nervous and wetting my pants… Getting back to the point of this blog entry, Literary Speed Dating? I should probably explain what Literary Speed Dating means in this context lest you all think it refers to a group of nerdy, yet sexy, singles getting to know each other in three minute intervals, then falling madly in love with your genre mate and making some erotic fiction together. I’m a married mum of three and I’m not the only monogamous individual going.If they liked the date, they checked the “yes” column beside their name in a booklet.If they didn’t feel a spark, they checked “no.” Library staff will later pair daters based on these checks, emailing them if they have a match.“I’ll be really sad if no one has a match,” said librarian Marnie Woudstra."What's more, your librarian has been specifically trained to help you find the information you want."Not everyone can afford to buy all the books or resources they need and want.

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Participants are encouraged to bring along a book as an icebreaker; it could be a book you love, hate or just recently read and want to talk about.

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