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Isabella de rosis online dating

There she wrote “Isabella, may your life in this corner so remote in the world be peaceful: for such is the Lord’s will”.

The concept of reparation shows up in all of her writings as a life long commitment and as a motive of joy.

She occupied herself solely with the thought of serving God and the complete fulfillment of His will, in order that Jesus must reign as absolute sovereign in her heart.

She was determined to seek perfection with a firm resolution and not content herself with a comfortable life but rather with a holy life attained through the practice of all the virtues, thus her insistence in living in meditation, mortification and withdrawal. To make amends for man countless offenses against the infinite goodness of God.

Mother Isabella accepted everything from the hands of the Lord, endured everything with love, remained always faithful to the ideals of reparation.

Years later, she was relieved of the burden of Superior General when she found herself alone and abandoned in the Mother House at Naples.

Finally, after receiving spiritual direction from her confessor, she founded the Congregation of the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart on October 24, 1875.

Her devotion to the Sacred Heart symbolized the spiritual journey that Mother Isabella travelled and embodied the essence of this devotion.

She was an example of piety, firmness, discipline and silence and loved always to be recollected.Perhaps five flowers have wilted, but they are easily removed and you still have 95 left.I ­estimate that there are two more days of life in them.Madre Isabella de Rosis (1842-1911) was an Italian religious sister and foundress of the Congregation of the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart.She was born into a noble family in Rossano, Calabria, and died in Naples.

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If anything, this bouquet looks better than when they arrived. A couple had petals that were slightly torn and some leaves had nicks in them. Label stated that the flowers were guaranteed for five days.

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