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Donald needs an angle for the plum assignment he has about writing an article, with his own byline, on the television dating show, "The Mating Game", where an eligible bachelorette asks three unseen eligible bachelors relationship and dating questions upon which she chooses one to go out on a date paid by the show.

Don believes the angle is to get a girl on the show who he knows to provide him with a first hand account, without telling the show's producers that he's planted a female contestant.

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And when you’re around a man like that, there is nothing to think about. That’s enough time for him to figure out if he wants to give your relationship a shot. So I’m calling this off and want to wish you all the best in finding the woman of your dreams. Please, lose my number.” If he begs for you, he might be your boyfriend. You’re free to find the man who treats you the way you deserve – with enthusiasm, consistency, and kindness.

The man who will be your boyfriend OFFERS to take down his profile and become exclusive. And if it’s NOT crystal clear within, say, 2 months or so, you’re probably not with your boyfriend. “It’s been great getting to know you these past few months, but I’m looking for a boyfriend, not a once-a-week booty call.

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One in particular was the matching phenomenon (Schneider et al, pp357-358).

You have a second date that’s as good as the first, and, giving into the moment, you go home with him and come pretty darned close to sleeping with him. In fact, you’ve never been so sure of something in your entire life. He calls again three days later to set up your third date for the following weekend. You barely remember the meal, which is just a prelude to what comes after.

All you can do is obsess how you want more of the drug.

It seems like a generic collection of basic "grandma's wisdom."Do yourself a favor and save your money.

Go out and have a drink with a friend instead, you will probably learn more doing that, watching people around you than you will learn from reading this book.

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And since it’s got a hold on you, it’s really hard to think straight. You’d think that after your big night, he would follow up to say that he had fun and he wants to see you right away.

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